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About the Curriculum

Our goal is to graduate students well-prepared for the diverse opportunities in all aspects of veterinary medicine as a fully accredited program.

The curriculum integrates basic and clinical sciences in a clinical presentation (CP) model of instruction design. For veterinary medicine, this means organizing the presentation of material in the foundational courses around the problems and activities commonly encountered in large animal, companion animal, zoological or laboratory-based veterinary medical practice. Throughout the program, basic knowledge will always be linked to its clinical application. The CP basic curriculum has been developed and used in the Faculty of Medicine and has been shown to result in increased student motivation and more effective approaches to clinical problem solving.

We will offer our students a comprehensive core curriculum, focusing on health and primary care of all key domestic species, including food animals, horses and small/companion animals. In addition, students will have the opportunity to enrich their education studies in areas of emphasis to prepare them for careers in those areas.

These are:

production animal health: population and individual animal health of all food and other production animal species; preparing veterinarians to meet the needs of the livestock industry and rural practice

ecosystem and public health: the interface of domestic animal, wildlife, human and environmental health; Preparing veterinarians to meet the needs of society through public and private practice in areas related to public health; food safety; environmental and agricultural interfaces; wildlife/conservation/zoo medicine and health

equine health:  population and individual equine health and medicine; preparing veterinarians to meet the needs of the horse industry and rural practice

investigative medicine: veterinary and comparative biomedical, clinical, population health and services/policy research; preparing veterinarians for research-oriented careers in public, academic and industrial research environments.

For general curriculum inquiries:

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