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Candidacy - Prior September 2015

Guidelines for Candidacy Examinations

Doctoral candidacy examinations have a written and an oral component. Both the written and oral components need to be satisfactory for successful completion of the exam. The supervisor and co-supervisor are non-voting members of the PhD oral candidacy examination and do not ask questions in the examination. It is required that at the end of the examination the student and the supervisor/co-supervisor withdraw from the room for the deliberation process of the examining committee. Regulations governing the PhD Oral Candidacy Examination are specified by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The written portion of the PhD oral candidacy examination can be found in the VMS Policies and Proceedures

Please note: PhD Oral Candidacy Examinations in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine do not require an introductory seminar before the exam begins.  

1.  At least three months before the Candidacy exam, a Candidacy Preparation form must be submitted to Office of Graduate Education. The two extra examiners may be excluded from the pre-candidacy meeting. The supervisory committee will confirm and approve the extra two examiners at this meeting. It is the supervisors responsibility to forward a copy of the Candidacy Preparation form (including the exam topics and study area) and any additional details to the two extra examiners after the pre-candidacy meeting.

2.  At least 6 weeks before the Candidacy exam all the information to put together the Notice of Candidacy Oral examination must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Education. This will include all members of the examining committee (Supervisory Committee + two other examiners).

Please be advised that there is no longer a stipulation by the Faculty of Graduate Studies as to the status of the two additional examiners regarding their membership in the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences (Internal vs External). However, it is necessary to insure that there is no conflict of interest between the student or the Supervisor and the additional two members of the examination committee.

The other information that is required is:

1. Date and time of exam

2. Place of exam (Please contact the VMS Graduate Program Administrator to book the examination room)

This Notice must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies no later than 4 weeks before the exam.