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UCVM Research Day 2017

Presentations and poster session offer a window on some amazing work by DVM and grad students

It was a day to highlight some of the incredible research being conducted by UCVM’s DVM and graduate students.  UCVM’s Research Day on March 9, 2017, organized by the Office of Graduate Education, showcased a diverse and impressive array of research projects.

The morning session featured 20 platform presentations by students including Sonja Dunemann’s “Parasites as vectors for horizontal transfer of retrotransposable elements”, Phil Rasmussen’s “The Vaccine Life Cycle: From Bench to Bovine”, Simrika Thapa’s “Modulation of protein quality control pathways reduces prion conversion in prion-infected cells”, and Wisoo Shin’s “Examining the effect of advanced age on hair follicle dermal stem cell function”.

The afternoon session showcased poster presentations, giving students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to see the diverse research being conducted at UCVM. Some topics included Juliette DiFrancesco’s “Absence of association between stress and parasitism in muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus): a tolerance of these hosts to their parasites?”, Andrew Hagner’s “Gene expression profiling within the hair follicle dermal stem cell lineage: R-spondins are master regulators of hair follicle regeneration”, and Garrett Wachoski-Dark’s “Preliminary results from an investigation into the epidemiology of equine papillomavirus type 2 infection in a closed horse herd in Southern Alberta”.

The Office of Graduate Education would like to thank all students, staff, and attendees who came to learn and support all of our students.