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Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship

This scholarship commemorates the Queen's visit to Alberta in May of 2005, rewarding the high level of achievement of students pursuing graduate studies in Alberta.

The QEII Scholarships fall under the FGS Multiple Award Policy   (established in 2006). This policy requires students awarded a UofC Internal Scholarship and an external award to take up the external award as soon as possible.  

The QEII Scholarships are recommended by the program. In VMS, this award is only open to students who have already begun their program. Application Deadline: January 15, 2016  


Master’s level - $3,600/unit up to a maximum of 3 units per year for a total of $10,800 

Doctoral level - $5,000/unit up to a maximum of 3 units per year for a total of $15,000

Eligibility and Conditions of Award

To hold a QEII Scholarship, the student must:

  •         Be a continuing graduate student in the Veterinary Medical Science Graduate Program (i.e. these are not entry awards)
  •         Be in good standing with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Veterinary Medical Sciences Policies and Procedures
  •         Hold a GPA greater than or equal to 3.2/4.0 or equivalent over the last two years of their education.
  •         Be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident and Alberta Resident for the full duration of the award.
  •         Be eligible under the FGS Policy on Graduate Student Support through Scholarships and Awards with particular attention to the following:  A student cannot receive a total of more than the minimum Tri-Council Scholarship value (currently $17,300) from awards made in the Open Scholarship Competition, the Special Awards and Bursaries Competitions, and Program Recommended Awards.

Application Process:

  1. Application Form - Fill out and submit electronically the completed application to
  2. Two Reference Packages - Contact two referees to provide a reference. Reference packages are to be submitted electronically to directly from the students referee.
  3. Transcripts - Request your transcripts from your Graduate Program Administrator a minimum of one week before the application deadline.

Application Deadline: January 15, 2016