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James Wasmuth


Assistant Professor
Ecosystem & Public Health (EPH)

Contact Information: 

+1 (403) 210-8507
HSC G355



Dr. Wasmuth obtained his BSc in Biochemistry at Imperial College London and then moved to the University of York to complete an MRes degree in Bioinformatics.  He undertook PhD studies at the University of Edinburgh, where he worked in parasite genomics.  Dr. Wasmuth moved to Toronto to carry a postdoctoral fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children for four years.

Research / Scholarly Activities: 

The goal of Dr. Wasmuth's research is to better understand how parasitic organisms interact with their hosts, primarily at a molecular and genomic level.  Using the latest genome sequencing and analysis methods, my research group will identify those regions of the genome, both genes and non-coding elements, that are under pressure to rapidly mutate.  These represent evolutionary changes that may have supported the transition from a free-living to a parasitic life strategy.  Dr. Wasmuth's research group explores both macro - (between different species) and micro-evolutionary (between individuals of the same species) events.  This work will identify new potential drug targets, as well as reveal molecular evolution mechanisms that underpin an organism's adaption to the ecological change.

Graduate Program Affiliations : 
Veterinary Medical Sciences
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology