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Kent Hecker


Associate Professor  (Veterinary Medical Education)
Veterinary Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences (VCDS)
Joint Appointment Community Health Sciences
Cumming School of Medicine

Degrees and Board Certification: 

PhD, MSc, BSc

Contact Information: 

+1 (403) 220-8499


Dr. Hecker received his PhD in medical education research in 2007. He joined the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine as the Director of Admissions in 2007 and began as an Assistant Professor in 2008. Dr. Hecker has built a program of basic and applied educational research in three primary areas: 1) curriculum/program design and evaluation; 2) assessment of competencies in the health care professions; and 3) educational measurement and assessment issues within institutional and non-institutional settings

Teaching : 

Dr. Hecker teaches in the following courses:

MDSC 733 - Research Design and Statistics in Medical Education
MDSC 735 – Instructional Methods in Medical Education
MDSC 736 – Measurement in Medical Education
VETM 407 – Professional Skills II (DVM program)
VETM 605 – Research Design and Statistics


Research / Scholarly Activities: 


Dr. Hecker’s research projects include:

  1. Assessment of the reliability and validity of the veterinary admissions process for UCVM.
  2. Longitudinal analyses of veterinary students’ perceptions to rural veterinary practice
  3. Assessment of clinical competence: developing appropriate work place assessment techniques for 4th year veterinary students in distributed teaching hospitals.
  4. Imaging the clinical reasoning process.
  5. The neural correlates of two and three dimensional object processing: implications for spatial perception and learning.

Publications: See PubMed and Google Scholar

Graduate Program Affiliations : 
Veterinary Medical Sciences
Community Health Sciences
Research personnel and trainees : 

Dr. Hecker is currently looking for graduate students interested in health profession education measurement and assessment. If you are interested please send him a cover letter and CV to