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Matt Read


Assistant Dean, Admissions and Recruitment
Associate Professor (Anesthesiology & Therapeutics)
Veterinary Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences (VCDS)

Degrees and Board Certification: 


Contact Information: 

+1 (403) 210-6080
HSC G368


Dr. Matt Read graduated with a DVM with distinction from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada in 1998. Following graduation, he completed a residency in veterinary anesthesiology and a Master's of Veterinary Science. He became board-certified with the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia (ACVAA) in 2002 and served as a member of the ACVAA’s Board of Directors from 2010-2014. Following his residency, Matt taught at the University of Georgia for two years before developing and supervising the anesthesia services in two large referral practices in Toronto and Calgary between 2003 and 2010. In 2010, Matt joined the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary where he teaches in the DVM program and continues to practice anesthesia in clinics in Calgary. He enjoys his position at UCVM for his ability to teach students across all four years of their DVM program, as well as the frequent opportunities to work closely with Alberta veterinarians and their staff. Matt has delivered over 80 lectures and workshops locally and internationally, and has received several awards to recognize his teaching.   His professional interests include the areas of small animal regional anesthesia, veterinary education, and teaching.

Teaching : 

Yr 1 - Physiology (Cardiovascular and Respiratory), Clinical Skills labs
Yr 2 - Pharmacology
Yr 3 - Anesthesiology, Clinical Skills, and surgery labs
Yr 4 - Clinical rotations (Anesthesia)

Research / Scholarly Activities: 

I am interested in small animal anesthesia and improving the level of care that veterinarians and their staff can offer their patients. I have conducted research into how patients lose heat under anesthesia and how we can better maintain body temperature under anesthesia using new technologies and different drugs. I am also very interested in the field of regional anesthesia, an aspect of anesthesia that involves injection of local   anesthetic drugs around target nerves to “freeze” them and prevent pain transmission. I have performed several studies in this area and, with a      colleague, recently published several book chapters and a textbook on this topic. I also have interest in several aspects of veterinary medical      education including our Admissions processes, how to make feedback more effective for our students, and how to improve how we teach different      procedural skills, especially those that relate to anesthesia.