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Student Research Day

UCVM Graduate Student Research Day: March 9, 2017!

This all-day event is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the exciting research that is being conducted by UCVM Grad Students. Students will present their research in platform and poster presentations. 

2017 Student Research Day Abstract Book

Questions? Comments? Please contact the Office of Graduate Education at (403) 210-6628 or

Registration is Required:
Lunch and snacks will be offered to all who have registered. To register, please complete the 2017 UCVM Research Day Registration Form and submit it to or drop it off at the Office of Graduate Education (TRW 2D09) on or before Friday February 17, 2017, 2:00pm.

Schedule TBA March 9, 2017


8:10 Jessica Davis-Unger
8:22 Persephone Greco-Otto
8:34 Chimone Dalton
8:46 Tracey Hammer
8:58 Sonja Dunemann
9:10 Camila Queiroz
9:22 Zhaoxue Ci
9:34 BB
9:46 Nidhi Sharma
9:58 Phil Rasmussen
10:10 Monica Rincon
10:22 Simrika Thapa
10:34 Ravi Holani
10:46 Kelsey McCarroll
10:58 Abraham Munene
11:10 BB
11:22 Chinju Johnson
11:34 Guilherme Rizzoto
11:46 Aya Uchida
11:58 Mina Ojaghi
12:10 Yang Yu
12:22 Kyle Burrell
12:34 Wisoo Shin

12:45 LUNCH

1:15-2:45 POSTERS

Sepideh Abbasi
Lindsey Ackert
Kelsey Chapman
Ally Chen
Juliette DiFrancesco
Katrina Frost
Maggie Grover
Andrew Hagner
Trina Hancock
Srinivasarao Karri
Grace Mariene
Hayley Robbins
Holly Sparks
Yi Lin Tan
Melanie Tulpin
Paula Valenzuela-Leon
Garrett Wachoski-Dark

Information for Presenters

Information for Platform presentations

Information for Poster presentations