Marco Musiani

Joint Professor


Dept. of Biological Sciences - Faculty of Science

Full Member

Wildlife Health & Ecology Research Group


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Office : PF3188

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Research Interests

  • Ecosystem Health
  • Wildlife and Zoo Medicine

Research / Scholarly Activities

My lab has a strong focus on landscape ecology, molecular ecology, and wildlife conservation. We demonstrated how highly vagile organisms such as caribou, elk and wolves are ideal study species to recognize Evolutionarily Significant Units, which should also become management and conservation units. As the effects of topographic barriers on reproductive isolation are limited in these species, other influences on differentiation can be studied, including a suite of traits that may be of adaptive value. With some students I also focused on human dimensions in wildlife management issues. With other students again, I studied wildlife movements and their reaction to people using multi-agent models.


I am a Professor in the Dept. of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science. I also have a Joint Appointment with the Department of Ecosystem and Public Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Calgary, and I am Faculty Affiliate with the University of Montana, U.S..


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