Susan Cork


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One Health Research Group

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Clinical and Translational Research Group

Associate Member

Wildlife Health & Ecology Research Group

BVSc (Massey), BPhil(vet), PhD, PG Diploma Public Policy (Victoria), CBiol. MRSB, MRCVS

Contact information


Office: 403-210-6522


Office : CWPH1E17


VTM 440 – Public Health and Risk Assessment
VTM 462 – Foreign Animal Diseases
VTM 583 – Ecosystem and Public Health – 4th year electives
VTM 690- Directed Studies (Postgraduate) in Risk Assessment and Animal Health Policy and Disease/Vector Ecology (on request)

Research and teaching

Research Interests

  • Ecosystem Health
  • Wildlife and Zoo Medicine

Research / Scholarly Activities

Disease ecology/Vector borne diseases/Animal Health Policy & Risk Assessment


Dr Cork joined the Faculty in 2008 as founding Head of the Department of Ecosystem and Public Health. Prior to joining the faculty, Dr Cork spent five years with the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture where she held a number of policy and management positions. Dr Cork completed her Veterinary degree (Massey University) in 1987 and returned to complete a PhD in 1994. During her PhD she provided diagnostic support for wildlife in partnership with the New Zealand Department of Conservation. In 1995 Dr Cork accepted the position of veterinary laboratory manager in Bhutan, this was part of an EU funded project to strengthen veterinary services in Asia. In 2003, after 6 years in the UK working in academia, she returned to New Zealand to join the Government Service and obtained a Diploma in Public Policy from the School of Government, Victoria University. In 2014 Dr Cork completed a 6 month sabbatical at the National Centre for Animal Health in Bhutan. Her special interests are in global health, animal health policy, veterinary public health and wildlife diseases.

Research Personnel/Trainees

Dr Jamyang Namgyal – Graduate Student (One Health/Vector Ecology) –Modelling the distribution of ticks in cattle in Eastern Bhutan

Dr Isabelle Couloigner – Research Associate - Mathematical modeling, Vectors and vector borne diseases project


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Galosi, L., Farneti, S., Rossi, G., Cork, S.C., Ferrero, S., Magi, G.E., Petrini, S., Valiani, A., Cuteri, V., Attili, A.R (2015) Yersinia pseudotuberculosis, serogroup 0:1A, infection in two Amazon parrots (Amazona aestiva and Amazona oratrix) with high hepatic iron levels (Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 46 (3) 588- 591

Sanson, R., Dube, C., Cork, S., Frederickson, R., Morley, C (2014) Simulation modelling of a hypothetical introduction of foot-and-mouth disease into Alberta,  Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 114 (2014) 151–163