John Soghigian

Assistant Professor (Parasitology)

Comparative Biology and Experimental Medicine


Clark University, 2016

Contact information


Office : HSC2519

Preferred method of communication

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Faculty/Admin Assistant

Name: Erica Thomas-Falconar

Phone:+1 (403) 210-6150


Research and teaching

Research Areas

  • Parasitology
  • Veterinary and Medical Entomology
  • Genomics


Dr. Soghigian's research focuses on the causes and consequences of parasite and vector diversity. His research group uses a range of genomic tools and evolutionary methods to understand why some vector arthropods are so problematic, while others - often their near relatives - are benign. He also has interest in the evolution and ecology of host-parasite interactions.


Dr. John Soghigian completed his PhD at Clark University in 2016.  He then completed postdoctoral training first at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, and then at North Carolina State University.  He was also a visiting postdoctoral scholar Yale University.  He joined the Faculty of Veterinary medicine at the University of Calgary in June 2021, where he is a member of the Department of Comparative Biology and Experimental Medicine.