Diego Nobrega

Assistant Professor (Antimicrobial Resistance - One Health)


San Paulo State University, 2008


San Paulo State University, 2011


University of Campinas, 2016


University of Calgary, 2020

Contact information


Office : CWPH1E24


[VM423] Bacteriology - Instructor

Research and teaching

Research Areas

  • antimicrobial resistance, bovine mastitis, epidemiology, One Health


The premise of One Health is that the health of humans, animals, and ecosystems are interdependent. It entails addressing complex social, biological, and ecological concerns, such as antimicrobial resistance, through a coordinated, transdisciplinary, and holistic approach. Using a One Health approach, my research team investigates the interspecies transmission of antimicrobial-resistant organisms between animals and humans. Our objective is to implement antimicrobial stewardship programs in veterinary medicine that will effectively reduce antimicrobial resistance in both animals and humans.


Diego Nobrega is a microbiologist and veterinary epidemiologist. He obtained his PhD in Infectious Diseases of Dairy Cattle from the University of Calgary. Diego took a two-year postdoctoral position at the Ontario Veterinary College, where he also worked for the Public Health Agency of Canada as a veterinary epidemiologist. His study focuses on antimicrobial resistance in the context of One Health. His primary goal is to develop effective evidence-based antimicrobial resistance intervention and control strategies.