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Le Tang


(Tao Dong)
Ecosystem and Public Health (EPH)

Contact Information: 

+1 (403) 220-2849
HSC B041


Le Tang received her MD and PhD degree from Harbin Medical University, one of the the top medical schools in China. Her research focuses on comparative genomics of Salmonella and molecular evolution of bacteria leading to distinct pathogens. Her research work has been published in international core journals, along with book chapters in prestigious references like Molecular Medical Microbiology (2nd Edition). She was supported by Heilongjiang Provincial Innovation Endowment Award for graduate studies from 2012-2015, CNY 100,000 (CAD $20,000) and the Heilongjiang Provincial Endowment Award for International Academic Exchanges to provide the support to study at Purdue University, USA, CNY 40,000 (CAD $8,000), for one year. Her medical education and research training will help her to achieve research goals set by her and her supervisor  Dr. Tao Dong toward understanding the molecular mechanisms of adaptation used by bacteria to survive and evolve in the environment.

Training & Experience: 

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Microbiology, Harbin Medical University, China, 2010-2015.

Visiting Student, Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University, USA, 2014-2015

Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Preventive Medicine and Clinical Medicine, Harbin Medical University, China, 2005-2010.

Professional Dietitian Program, Vocational Training Center, China, 2007-2009.

Other Information: 


Manuscript review for the following journals
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology
Chinese Journal of Microbiology and Infection

Membership in professional and learned societies
National Public Nutritionists
Chinese Nutrition Society

2014 National Scholarship for graduate students
2014 Academic and Athletic Excellence Award
2012 Heilongjiang Innovation Endowment Award for graduate studies
2012 Endowment Award for International Academic Exchanges
2012 The Lianbang Pharmaceutical Scholarship for Outstanding Graduate Student
2012 Outstanding Graduate Student Award
2009 National Scholarship for undergraduate studies
2007 Cadre Scholarship

2013-2014   Vice-President of the Student Union, HMU
2011-2013   Minister of the Learning Department, Students Union, HMU


Le Tang, Wei-Qiao Liu, Xin Fang, Qiang Sun, Song-Ling Zhu, Chun-Xiao Wang, Xiao-Yu Wang, Yong-Guo Li, Da-Ling Zhu, Kenneth E. Sanderson, Randal N. Johnston, Gui-Rong Liu, Shu-Lin Liu. 2014. CTAG-containing cleavage site profiling to delineate Salmonella into natural genetic clusters. PLoS One. 9:e103388.

Le Tang, Yang Li, Xia Deng, Ang Li, Randal N. Johnston, Gui-Rong Liu, Shu-Lin Liu. 2013. Defining natural species of bacteria: clear-cut genomic distinction