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John Matyas


Associate Dean, Graduate Education
Professor (Microscopic Anatomy)
Comparative Biology and Experimental Medicine (CBEM)

Affiliations : 
<p>McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health<br />Department of Cell Biology &amp; Anatomy, Cumming School of Medicine&nbsp;<br />Pathology &amp; Laboratory Medicine, Cumming School of Medicine</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
Degrees and Board Certification: 

MSc, PhD

Contact Information: 

+1 (403) 220-7189
TRW 2D13


Dr. Matyas came to UCVM from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary. He graduated from Cornell University in 1978 with an A.B. in biology. Dr. Matyas went on to study for his M.Sc. at Cornell before coming to the U of C for his Ph.D. under Dr. Cy Frank.

Teaching : 

VETM320        Anatomy & Histology
VETM300        Professional Skills
VETM305        Clinical Skills (Microscopy)
VETM601        Professional Skills (graduate students)

Research / Scholarly Activities: 

Dr. Matyas’ research focuses on joint tissue biomechanics and the causes and treatments of degenerative joint disease.  This includes comparative animal models of joint injury and repair, contribution of stem cells to skeletal healing, functional imaging of connective tissues (cartilage, bone, intervertebral disc) and stereology of connective tissues.  Dr. Matyas also has an interest in chronic joint pain.


Graduate Program Affiliations : 
Veterinary Medical Sciences
Biomedical Engineering
Medical Sciences
Research personnel and trainees : 

Dragana Ponjevic, MSc.
Ganesh Swamy, MD
Nicole Rosin, PhD