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UCVM's emergency response group continues its planning efforts to deal with this fluid situation. We will keep the entire UCVM community updated as we learn more.

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Updates from the Dean of UCVM

Dear colleagues, trainees, and students,

It was my great pleasure to meet the members of UCVM’s Class of 2024 earlier today via Zoom. On Monday, August 31, this group of future veterinarians will be welcomed to the profession during a virtual White Coat Ceremony hosted by the ABVMA and the CVMA.  

We continue with many active searches to fill the new positions as part of the class expansion project. We also continue to attract highly qualified applicants to UCVM because of the outstanding programs that you all have established.

Before the new semester launches next week, I have a few updates to share.

DVM Program Office

Information sessions: Thank you to all those who attended the information session for faculty and staff on Monday, August 24. The session provided COVID-related plans for in-person instruction this fall. If you missed it or would like to review it again, the slide deck and the Zoom recording have been posted to the “DVM Program Updates” page on VETNet, under the “Resources” section. The page is being populated with relevant information and links. Please check it going forward for updates. Information sessions for each class in Years I – IV were held on August 26 and 28. The recordings of these sessions will be posted on VETNet for staff and faculty, as well as on D2L’s “DVM Current Students” site.

Study Spaces: Bookable study spaces will be made available to students both at CSB and TRW-2. These will provide quiet study space between classes/labs. They will also help deal with connectivity issues for attending online classes. We are working on a tool for making bookings and checking the availability of individual study spaces and expect it to be available later in September. In the interim, students can book whole rooms through the usual UCVM booking process (email UCVMrmbk@ucalgary.ca). We ask that faculty and staff take note of the rooms allocated for this purpose as listed below. These rooms will not be available to faculty and staff for bookings.

CSB Room Number Number of study spaces 101A 18 104 18 101L 2 108 6 110 6 160B (Student Wellness) 4 101 (PSkills Rooms) 6 161E (Fishbowl) 4 Foothills Room Number Number of study spaces 2E16 2 2E18 4 2E19 4 2E20 4 2E21 4 2E24 4 2E25 4 Student Lounge 8 Student study 5 Reminder: AHS parking fees to be reinstated on August 31

On Aug. 31, Alberta Health Services (AHS) will reinstate parking fees for faculty and staff who park in AHS owned lots.

  • If you’re working from home and wish to cancel your parking, please complete the Parking Cancellation Form and return it, along with your parking permit, to the Parking Services Office located at the Foothills Medical Centre. Please note that your physical parking permit must be returned in person to the Parking Office located on Ground Floor of the Central Parkade. Fifteen-minute parking is available in front of the office.
  • If you’ve been paying for parking through payroll deduction, please also complete and return the University of Calgary Staff Parking Notification Form. If you pay via pre-authorized debit withdrawal, you’ll receive a separate communication asking you to complete and return a Pre-Authorized Debit Cancellation Notice. Parking charges will continue to apply until all forms, permits and access cards are returned to AHS Parking Services.
  • If you cancel your parking and later decide to reinstate it, please contact AHS Parking Services to do so. All faculty and staff who cancel and reinstate their parking will be assigned to Lot 6.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please email AHS Parking Services at Dechen.Kunga@ahs.ca.

Parking in University of Calgary lots (including TRW parkade and Spy Hill): As noted in previous updates, fees for parking in UCalgary lots were reinstated on August 1.  If you hold a permit for a UCalgary lot and are returning to work on campus, you have the option to reactivate your permit and pay the monthly fee or pay the daily rate for parking by using the pay stations. Permit fees for those who continue to work from home will be waived until you return to campus.

Quick Start Training Module for employees returning to campus during COVID-19

Human Resources has launched a “Quick Start” training program for employees and managers to ensure those who are returning to campus can do so safely.  (Employees who can work productively and safely from home should continue to do so.)

The new training program includes a brief online learning module to orient all employees about the return to campus protocols, the role of their leaders, employee responsibilities, and how to find additional resources. I’d encourage you to view this module PRIOR to returning to campus.

This information, together with other resources, can be found on UCalgayr’s COVID-19 webpage. If you have questions or concerns about this program or the return to campus protocols, please reach out to the Integrated Service Centre or send an email to campus.reentry@ucalgary.ca

Please watch for an email in the coming weeks asking employees who are planning to return to work for any length of time to acknowledge a workspace safety plan.

In closing, I thank the UCVM community for their dedicated work in ensuring launch of 2020-2021 academic year.

Thank you.

Baljit Singh, FCAHS, BVSc&AH, PhD
3M National Teaching Fellow
Dean and Professor
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
University of Calgary
Calgary, AB T2N 4Z6
T: 1.403.210.3961
E: baljit.singh1@ucalgary.ca

For archived updates from the Dean, click here

DVM Program

Delivery of Classes for 2020-21: The DVM Program Office has been working with UCVM managers to prepare for the in-person classes in the COVID environment. 

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Graduate Studies

Face-to-face graduate student classes are suspended. Course instructors are required to use Zoom or similar online technologies for teaching and assessing graduate classes. All planned Field of Study and thesis defenses should be conducted remotely. Presence of graduate students on campus to conduct their research and learning should be discussed between supervisor and student.   

All public seminar requirements will be waived (prior to candidacy and thesis defenses). For thesis defences only, students will be offered an opportunity to give a brief (15 minute) presentation to the exam committee, summarizing the thesis in addition to the two-hour examination time. 

ALL incoming international graduate students (including visiting international graduate students) with May 1 program start dates are being notified by the Faculty of Graduate Studies that they are subject to a mandatory deferral to July 1st. 

Travel plans of current graduate students should be discussed with UofC Risk Management (riskmgmt@ucalgary.ca). International students should follow the guidance of their home countries. 

For comprehensive information and guidance to help graduate students during this outbreak, please visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies web page.

Diagnostic Services Unit (DSU)

Dear Valued Clients,

The Diagnostic Services Unit (DSU) will begin a staggered reopening on May 20, 2020.  In the first phase, relaunched services will include necropsies and examination of tissues from field/in-clinic necropsies.  Biopsy and cytology services will not be available in the first phase.  We will contact you when these other services become available.

During this time, you may experience slightly longer than normal turnaround times on cases.

For the safety of all involved, we ask everyone to respect the signage and physical distancing measures put in place when dropping off samples to the lab. In addition, we ask that best practices are used when shipping samples to the lab including disinfection of the outer surface of specimen containers.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.  If you have questions, please contact us by phone at 403-220-2806 or by email at dsu@ucalgary.ca

Wishing you and your families health and safety.


Jennifer Davies, DVM, MVSc, DACVP
Director, Diagnostic Services Unit