Priority 3

Strengthening clinical & diagnostic community

Steering Committee

  1. Executive Sponsor

    • Ashley Whitehead
  2. Lead or Co-Leads

    • Angelica Galezowski
  3. Team Members

    • Looking for other interested members

Strategy 3.1

Alternative Strategies for Practice

Survey clinicians for ideas

Lead: Steering Committee 

Progress: Completed (Sept 2018) - Results discussed within Faculty and presented at Faculty Council December 2019

Strategy 3.2

Recognition and Celebration of Clinicians

Survey to identify metrics of clinical work

Lead: Steering Committee

Progress: Completed (July 2019) - Results discussed within Faculty and presented at Faculty Council December 2019

Use focus groups to narrow assessment metrics for different areas of expertise

Lead: Steering Committee

Progress: Completed (April 2019-Dec 2019) - Working group included Drs. Jean-Yin Tan, Angelica Galezowski, Renaud Leguillette, Eugene Janzen, Ashley Whitehead.

Understand how clinical work is recognized in the Faculty of Medicine and other faculties

Lead: Steering Committee

Progress: Completed (Sept 2018- April 2019) - Summarized at Faculty Council December 2019


Determine process involved for a change in the Collective Agreement

Lead: Terri Schiller, Jean-Yin Tan

Progress: Completed

Consultation with Department Heads and Departments on proposed revisions to Guidelines for Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure of Academic Staff (UCVM APT Guidelines)

Lead: Steering Committee

Completed (July 2019-Sept 2019)

Approval of proposed UCVM APT Guidelines revisions at Leadership Council and Faculty Council

Lead: Steering Committee

Completed and Approved by Leadership Council October 15, 2019. Completed and Approved by Faculty Council  December 6, 2019

Implementation of proposed UCVM APT Guidelines revisions 

Lead: Steering Committee

Completed March 2020 - HR and Academic Relations

Strategy 3.3

Building Strength Within Clinical and Anatomic Pathology

Form a clinical pathology service within the Diagnostic Services Unit

Lead: Terri Schiller, Angelica Galezowski

Progress: UCVM Clinical Pathology in partnership with Antech has been offereing cytology services with the DSU starting October 1, 2019.

Continue to explore partnership opportunities for diagnostic services and disease surveillance within Alberta

Lead: Terri Schiller, Angelica Galezowski

In Progress: Obtained $3.4 million pilot project grant from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AAF) to expand DSU for subsidized livestock cases and develop a clinical bacteriology laboratory. Anticipated start date of October 1, 2020. Working with Institute of Applied Poultry Technologies to move poultry diagnostic laboratory to Spy Hill Campus (anticipated timeline April 2021)

Develop a disease investigation service

Lead: Terri Schiller, Angelica Galezowski

In Progress: As part of AAF pilot project grant, a disease investigation service will be launched in the fall of 2020. Initial planning and team development will begin in June 2020. 

Strategy 3.4

Facilitate Collaboration Between Clinicians and Researchers

Continue to explore opportunities to bring UCVM clinicians and researchers together

Lead: Terri Schiller

In Progress: UCVM festival occurred in 2018 and 2019 to bring together clinical and research faculty and staff to share what they all do and where collaborations might be possible. A Townhall will be occurring in Summer 2020 to discuss opportunities that the new DSU expansion will bring to the UCVM research and clinical environment.