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The VMGSA (Veterinary Medicine Graduate Students' Association) is a student-run, not-for-profit organization whose memberships consist of graduate students with advisors in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The VMGSA's primary goal is to promote communication between graduate students and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine administrators. By representing veterinary medicine graduate students on Faculty and University of Calgary committees, the VMGSA is able to ensure that the interests and collective voice of the veterinary medicine graduate students are heard.

As well, the VMGSA works to stimulate social, intellectual and political contact among graduate students by organizing and supporting social and academic events throughout the year.

Contact Email:

Executive (2017-2018)

President: Persephone Greco-Otto (
Vice-President, Academic: Guilherme Rizzoto (
Vice-President, Finance: Ravi Holani (
Vice President, Social: Abraham Munene (
Secretary: Aruna Amarasinghe (

Additional Information and Important Links

MyGradSkills Ambassadors

The Faculty of Graduate Studies MyGradSkills program selected Ambassadors from the VMS graduate program.
For any enquiries please contact:

Christy Goldhawk (email:
Michelle North (email:
Arashdeep Singh (email:

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is located on south campus, just off of 16th Avenue NW (TransCanada Highway) and 29th Street NW, next to Foothills Hospital. This is approximately a 25 minute walk or 5 minute bus ride from the University of Calgary main campus.