Reproduction and Regenerative Medicine Research Group

Reproduction and Regenerative Medicine Research Group

The future of medicine lies in understanding how the body creates itself out of a single cell, how stem cells are able to replenish the body with new cells, how their progeny acquire specialized fates and how different cell types assemble themselves into functional tissues.

Dr. Jeff Biernaskie

Chair of Reproduction and Regenerative Medicine Research Group

In answering these questions, we will be able to replace damaged tissues and enable the body to regenerate itself, to improve the quality of life for humans and animals suffering from severe injury or disease such as osteoarthritis, skin burns, heart disease, diabetes and nervous system injury.

Advances in stem cell and reproductive biology will improve fertility for humans and animals, with far-reaching implications on food production and animal welfare.

Research being conducted by the Reproduction and Regenerative Medicine Research Group is aimed at achieving that goal by bringing together experts from veterinary and human medicine, stem cell biology, reproductive biology and bioengineering to promote a creative, multidisciplinary research environment with the capacity to translate scientific discovery into clinical reality.

The collaborative interaction between members our Research Group provide a highly enriched, interdisciplinary training environment for students at all career levels.

areas of research
  • Pluripotent stem cells (Embryonic stem cells and iPS cells)
  • Adult tissue-specific stem cell biology (skin, germline, bone, brain)
  • Tissue bioengineering and stem cell bioprocessing
  • Placental Development
  • Wildlife reproductive biology