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De Buck Lab

We use molecular biology, molecular microbiology, cellular immunology and molecular epidemiology to study bovine bacterial diseases.

Welcome to the De Buck Lab!

Dr. De Buck's research program focuses on bacterial pathogenesis and host-pathogen interactions in order to improve current vaccination strategies and to find new diagnostic targets. Related to Johne's disease, he is investigating:

  1. the susceptibility and transmission of Johne’s disease,
  2. pathogenesis ,
  3. host immune response,
  4. early biomarkers of infection, and
  5. molecular epidemiology.

With respect to bovine mastitis, he is developing fast bacterial speciation and genotyping techniques and he has a particular interest in coagulase-negative staphylococci in order to clarify their role as mastitis pathogens.

Furthermore, the De Buck lab is studying the involvement of Treponema spp. in digital dermatitis in cattle, and developing several novel molecular biosensors for infectious diseases in animals.

Dr. Jeroen De Buck

Dr. Jeroen De Buck