cattle health

Cattle Health Research

Healthy animals and sustainable production for safe meat and milk products

The Cattle Health Research Group (CHRG) contributes to UCVM's mission of meeting the veterinary, animal and public health needs of Alberta through the creation and distribution of new knowledge through research, graduate veterinary education, and continuing education in animal health, disease and welfare.

The CHRG supports the vibrant beef and dairy industries in Alberta by conducting relevant basic and applied research, by disseminating its research findings to industry stakeholders, and by having strong relationships with industry partners. The group members are leaders in their fields, both nationally and internationally.

By bringing together basic scientists and applied researchers, the CHRG addresses health challenges in a multi-disciplinary way, leading to innovative disease prevention and control strategies.

This group's research focuses on:

  • infectious diseases and disease control, including mastitis, Johne’s disease, bovine respiratory disease, bovine viral diarrhea, and bovine leukosis virus
  • lameness, and in particular, digital dermatitis
  • neurological disorders
  • metabolic disorders and nutrition-related diseases