Annual Events

Information on UCVM's biggest events, Trade Fair and Vet Ball.

Trade Fair

The CAVS Trade Fair is an evening of networking that links veterinary professionals with industry partners. Attendees to the Trade Fair include UCVM veterinary students and faculty, as well as community veterinarians – many whom are members of our Distributed Veterinary Learning Community (DVLC). At the Trade Fair, sponsors will have the opportunity to showcase their company and are invited to educate and network with both current and future members of the veterinary community.

Vet Ball

Vet Ball is an annual UCVM tradition, and the largest student and faculty event of the year. This student organized gala evening celebrates community spirit within the school and builds relationships between students, faculty, and future colleagues. Sponsorship of the event is sure to build goodwill and brand loyalty as students identify with those organizations that support our education with their generous resources and educational materials. This event usually brings out the entire UCVM student body and is therefore a great way to market your company and resources to a large target audience.