Orsel Research

Orsel Research

As a veterinary epidemiologist, my main interest  is in studying disease transmission and identifying risk factors for multi-factorial diseases. My research focuses on both beef and dairy cattle, especially, infectious diseases, lameness and painful procedures. A second focus is on disease detection in wildlife and disease transmission at the wildlife-livestock interface. To expand on the Ecosystem approach and supportive of a One-Health approach, I am an active member of the team, supporting education and teaching in the University of Calgary’s fieldschool in Tanzania.

In addition to research, I  teach undergraduate and graduate students and I am member of the Third Year Teacher’s Committee. I am also on the organizing committee for UCVM’s International Beef Conference and a co-organizer of the annual Canadian MAP researchers meeting. Presentations for producer groups and the scientific community, on my research topics (lameness in dairy cows and Johne’s disease) is what I like to do.

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