Our research is by nature highly interdisciplinary, encompassing and extending the existing health paradigms (One-Health, Eco-Health and Ecosystem Health) ranging from wildlife and conservation medicine to Public Health, One Health, and wildlife conservation and management including the main disciplines (parasitology, ecotoxicology, pathology, ecology, vector ecology, endocrinology, molecular ecology) with a core interest in wildlife and ecology, extending to zoonotic pathogen transmission. The Wildlife Health Ecology group emphasizes the integration of concepts of health in ecology, medicine, public health, environmental and social sciences.

We promote research activities and projects that emphasize the theoretical and applied significance of the outcomes.

Our research areas and projects include:

Wildlife Health Ecology

  • The ecology of trophically transmitted Parasites


Arctic parasitology

  • Muskoxen health

Vector ecology

  • Modelling Culicodes sonorensis expansion following climate change

Wildlife endocrinology

Molecular Ecology and Wildlife Management