Timelines for Research Activities

WA Ranches is a commercial ranch, subject to seasonality and production cycles. Depending on the nature of the research activity, more lead time may be required for integration of project into ranch planning.

Unsure? Contact WA Director, Dr. Ed Pajor: eapajor@ucalgary.ca

Planning Research

Activity Minimum Time before Project Start
Exploring idea(s) As soon as you can complete “Resource Request” questions
LOI Submission 2 months
Project with no LOI 4 months prior to production activity/projected project start date


Preparing to Start a Project

Activity Minimum Time before Project Start
Animal Care & Other Permits TBD
Organize tracking with ranch 2 months
FLHA & Field Communication Plans 2 months
Ranch Waivers, Emergency Contacts, First Aid Training 1 month
On-Ranch Safety Orientation 1 - 2 weeks

During & After a project

Activity Timeline
Report publications and outcomes TBD (project dependent)