Recent Projects


Commingling preconditioned and auction-sourced calves: effects on BRD related morbidity, mortality, and weight gain Research Article

Feeding behaviour and activity of beef calves during the first week at the feedlot: Impact of calf source and commingling ratios. Research Infographic Research Article

Angus bulls voluntarily access shade during hot weather, reducing scrotal subcutaneous temperatures and improving sperm quality. Research Article 

Calf handling and restraint during the processing of beef calves. Research Infographic

Perceptions of participants in western Canadian beef calf processing events about common calf handling and restraint methods. Research Infographic

Assisted calving ... now what? Research Infographic 

What is the cost of assisted cavling on Canadian Cow-Calf operations? Research Infographic

Does Meloxicam Positively Affect the Behaviour of Cows and Calves After an Assisted Calving Research Infographic



Objective determination and quantification of pain and inflammation associated with digital dermatitis in feedlot cattle. Research Infographic Research Article

Impact of digital dermatitis on locomotion and gait traits of beef cattle. Research Infographic Research Article

An experimental model to induce digital dermatitis in beef calves. Research Article

Melatonin improves post-thaw sperm quality after mild testicular heat stress in rams. Research Article

Impact of age and duration of maternal separation on the welfare of beef bull calves during spring processing. Research Infographic



Impact of digital dermatitis on feedlot cattle behaviour. Research Infographic Research Article

Risk factors of digital dermatitis in feedlot cattle. Research Article

Economic impact of digital dermatitis, foot rot, and bovine respiratory disease in feedlot cattle. Research Article

Scrotal subcutaneous temperature is increased by scrotal insulation or whole-body heating, but not by scrotal neck insulation; however, all three heat-stress models decrease sperm quality in bulls and rams. Research Article

Impact of volume, immunoglobulin G concentration, and feeding method of colostrum product on neonatal nursing behavior and transfer of passive immunity in beef calves. Research Article

Evaluation of 3 refractometers to determine transfer of passive immunity in neonatal beef calves. Research Article

Assessment of Brix refractometry to estimate immunoglobulin G concentration in beef cow colostrum. Research Article


Cow Calf Vaccination Project

The materials below are the results of a large collaborative project focusing on vaccines for the cow calf sector

  1. Vaccination Guidelines (decision trees)