DVM Program: Delivery of Classes (2020-21)

The DVM Program Office has been working with UCVM managers to prepare for the in-person classes in the COVID environment. A survey of staff who support the clinical/discipline teaching has been conducted. Feedback was also received from the UCVM Emergency Response Group. A working group consisting of the ADA and the UCVM managers related to the DVM Program Office was created. The group meets frequently to consider and address the many questions about welcoming students back to the faculty and running in-person classes this fall. The working group is continually collecting questions/concerns/issues which need to be addressed. Please reach out to your manager to make sure your questions/concerns are on the list.

The group is making decisions as expediently as possible given the evolving COVID situation. With every decision, the group determines who needs to be informed and how the answers can be quickly communicated to all affected. A convenient summary will be located on this page as an easy reference for faculty and staff. Items relevant to the students are also posted on D2L.

Information session: Staff & Faculty

This session for faculty and staff was held to provide COVID-related plans for in-person instruction this fall.

Information sessions: Students

coming soon