Frequently Asked Questions

For Faculty and Staff at UCVM

  1. I am having problems, who should I contact?

    First, Submit a ticket

    If request is Urgent, forward ticket confirmation to (Foothills), (Spy Hill) with Urgent in the subject line.

    Additional Support IT or (403) 220-5555


  2. I need to purchase a new computer or replace my existing computer.

    Academic Staff TUCFA Computer Purchase Program Information 

    Support Staff Contact before requesting a computer.

    New or Replacement Computer Form 


  3. I need to order or purchase software.

    A variety of software is available to members of the university community based on software license agreements between the vendor and the University of Calgary. 

    University licensed software requests

    To explore needs for additional software contact

  1. I need to setup AV or Videoconferencing for an upcoming meeting or lecture.

    Email Include AV Request Form if any VC attendees have external IP addresses.

  2. I'm in the middle of a meeting or lecture, and I need urgent AV help.

    Foothills Campus Call the Dean's Office TRW 2D01, (403) 210-3961

    Spy Hill Campus Call Reception CSB 111Z, (403) 210-7001

  1. I need to book a meeting room.

    To book a room (at Foothills or Spy Hill Campus) email  Include date and time, number of people and AV requirements.  

    List of Bookable Meeting, Boardrooms and Classrooms

  2. When do I need approval to schedule an event using UCVM facilities?

    Any event that is not part of regular UCVM programming and activities, requires approval.  For event approval, fill out  Facility Booking Form for Events & Seminars and return it to  Include AV Request Form if users have external IP addresses. 

  1. When are facilities open and accessible to all?

    Teaching, Research and Wellness (UCVM Spaces on TRW 1 and 2) 8am to 5pm.  All other times access by Unicard only. Reception available: 8:30am to 4:30pm.

    Clinical Skills Building 7:30am to 5:00pm.  All other times access by Unicard only.  Reception available: 8:30am to 4:30pm.

    Veterinary Sciences Research Station Always locked, and accessible by card access only.

    Other locations Varies by area! Ask someone who works in the vicinity.

  2. How do I get keys, a Unicard and request access?

    Get your first Unicard or Replacement Card

    Request Access to be added to your Unicard

    Foothills Campus

    Spy Hill Campus Manager Spy Hill Operations

  3. I've forgotten my keys and I am locked out?

    During Office hours 

    Foothills Campus

    Spy Hill Campus

    • Reception CSB 111Z, (403) 210-7001

    After hours Campus Security (403) 220-5333

  1. I have questions about: Finishings, office painting, furniture & equipment?

  2. I have building concerns.

    Everyone on campus can submit a service request at ARCHIBUS

    (403) 220-7555

    URGENT REQUESTS or No Response Forward ARCHIBUS confirmation email to to escalate your issue

  3. Unsure who to contact?

  1. How do I courier a package between campuses?

    UCVM has an easy to use courier option between Foothills and Spy Hill Campuses.

    Pick-up and Drop-off Instructions 

    Work Flow and Package Guidelines

  2. How do I courier a package to a non-University location?

    Foothills Campus Visit Distribution Services, HSB B808.  They have all the forms, boxes, and envelopes required.

    Spy Hill Campus Bring item to Reception CSB 111Z, (403) 210-7001.

    For any packages containing dangerous material or requiring a permit, contact Shipping and Receiving


  1. What do I do with outgoing mail?

    Foothills Campus Place in outgoing mailbox in 2D38.

    Spy Hill Campus Place in outgoing mailbox at Reception CSB 111Z.

  2. Where do I pick up incoming mail?

    Foothills Campus Mail will be distributed into Department mailboxes.

    Spy Hill Campus Mail will be delivered to Reception CSB 111Z.

  3. How do incoming packages and equipment get delivered?

    Foothills Campus Distribution Services will bring your deliveries directly to your office or lab.

    Spy Hill Campus All deliveries will be left with Reception CSB111Z and you will be contacted to come pick them up.

How do I access a printer or copier?

UCVM uses shared global printers for all faculty and staff.  Ask your colleagues to direct you to the available printers in your area.  IT Services can help you map the appropriate global printer to your computer.  When you send a job to the printer it waits in a queue until you are ready to print it.  Swipe your Unicard or log in using your university credentials.  You can then view your print queue and release your print jobs, or copy and scan documents. Scans will be emailed to you directly.

  1. How do I get an ongoing parking pass for the Spy Hill campus?

    1. Approval is required from Manager Spy Hill Operations. Once the manager confirms that Parking Services has been notified, proceed to next step.  
    2. Apply Online
  2. How do I get an ongoing parking pass for the Foothills Campus?

    All UCVM employees are assigned to Alberta Health Services, North Lot (Lot 6) administered by Alberta Health Services.  To apply for a pass, fill out these forms, and bring them to Foothills Medical Centre Parking Services

    AHS Parking Application

    UofC Payroll Deduction Form - Parking

  3. How do I get access to bike lockers?

    You must visit the Parking and Transportation Office to pick up your first pass.  Once you have a pass, you can Renew Online.

I already pay for monthly parking at my home campus.  Do I have to purchase day parking when I need to go to another campus?

All monthly parkers can request hourly/daily parking coverage for other campuses.  Use interactive map to find lots. Passes can be picked up at:

  • Foothills Campus Deans Office TRW 2D01 (403) 210-3961 or Dept Offices
  • Spy Hill Campus  Reception CSB 111Z, (403) 210-7001

Foothills Campus
Lot 6: Only Valid on Level 1, date and plate must be written on tag
TRW Parkade Level 1 & 2: No pass required.  Date and plate must be given to Deans Office TRW 2D01, (403) 210-3961 immediately after parking.

Main Campus
Lot 28: Date must be scratched on pass (UCVM can only distribute 2/day)
Lot31, 32 & 33: Date must be scratched on pass

Spy Hill Campus
Open Lot: Date must be scratched on pass

  1. When am I entitled to mileage for reimbursement? What is the procedure?

    Faculty and Staff can claim mileage expenses for travel between Foothills, Spy Hill, Main and W.A. Ranches.

    Mileage Reimbursement Procedure

    Mileage Tracking Form 

  2. Clinical Faculty can claim mileage expenses for travel related to clinical service.

    Mileage Reimbursement Guidelines: Campus to DVTH

    Mileage Tracking Form

  1. Academic Staff

    Foothills Campus Contact your Faculty Assistant

    Spy Hill Campus Use sign-up sheet provided in supply room. Questions

  2. MaPs and AUPE Staff

    Foothills Campus Dean's Office  TRW 2D01, (403) 210-3961

    Spy Hill Campus Use sign-up sheet provided in supply room. Questions

    Business Cards

  1. I have questions about collecting/ depositing money, payroll, credit cards, expenses.

    The Integrated Services Centre (ISC) can help.  The ISC website has quick links to procedures and forms for all finance-related functions.They provide training and assistance in Human Resources, Finance, Supply Chain Management and Research Accounting. 

    (403) 220-8800

    WALK-INS: Health Sciences G204

  2. Where do I drop off cash or cheques for deposit to accounts in UCVM?

    Foothills Campus Dean's Office  TRW 2D01 (403) 210-3961

    Spy Hill Campus CSB111Z (403) 210-6775

  3. I have questions about my research projects, grants, applications, accounting.

    Research Advisor, Grants and Agreements Research Office 2D09, (403) 210-7309

  4. I need help managing an operating budget (including forecasting).

    UCVM Finance Partner (403) 220-7443

    Finance partners can help develop a business case/proposal with financial impact, or with scenario analysis.  They act as key strategic advisors to university leaders in faculties and business units. They provide financial information, tools, analysis and insight which allow leaders to make more informed, strategic decisions. More information on the role of the Finance Partner.

  1. What am I eligible for?

    Benefits and Pension

    Work and Compensation

    Training and Development

  2. Who can answer my HR-related questions?

     Reach out to the UCVM HR Advisor.  Find your team.

  3. Onboarding Resources

    Onboarding Coordinators HR Checklists & Additional UCVM Resources

    New Hires Seven Onboarding Essentials

  4. Collective Agreements



  1. What is a touchdown station?

    Touchdown stations are smaller work stations that can be used on a temporary basis.  

  2. Where are the touchdown stations?

    Foothills Campus Three individual enclosed touchdown stations are in the NE corner, on the first floor of the TRW building (E10, E11 & E12).

    Spyhill Campus Four individual enclosed touchdown stations in the CSB office wing. They are between reception and the lunchroom (113 A, B, C & D).

  1. What is a mailman list? Who can send messages to these lists?

    A mailman list is a group of email addresses. By sending a message to a single email address, the system will then copy all the members of the mailman list.

    Anyone can send messages to these lists.  However, they often have moderators to ensure content is appropriate for the audience.


  2. What mailman lists already exist?        

  3. How do I get added to a mailman list?

    Email to add a user to a list.