UCVM Onboarding Resources

This page is designed to support UCVM Onboarding Coordinators, outline processes and identify responsibilities within the Faculty.   These supports do not replace the resources available from UCalgary Human Resources.

UCVM Onboarding Coordinators (OBCs)

Academic Staff Administrative Assistants to the Department Heads

Support Staff Operations Coordinator

The flow charts, templates and checklists listed below are designed to support OBCs through the onboarding process step by step. However, every new hire will be unique and may require some customization to the process.  

UCalgary OBC Support

UCVM Onboarding Team

The Onboarding Team plays an important role in preparation and providing a great experience for new hires joining UCVM.  Each member has unique responsibilities ranging from office and/or lab preparation to teaching and research preparation.  All members are part of a mailing list that is used to alert the team of a new hire. Members include:

Director of Operations
Operations Coordinator
Operations Managers
Occupational Health & Safety Support
Information Technology Support
Web Developer and Technical Admin
Deans Office Staff
Research Office Support Staff

UCVM Onboarding Team

Additional Resources for OBCs

Hiring New Academic

OBCs are encouraged to consult the Flow Chart as a the key UCVM resource.   All other resources as supporting documents. 

UCVM Onboarding Academic Flow Chart

Email Templates and Attachments

Faculty Profile Form

UCalgary OBCs Checklist

UCalgary Manager Checklist

Hiring New Sessional Instructor

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Hiring New Support Staff

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New Graduate Student

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