Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Support

Biostatistical and bioinformatics consultation and support are available to all members and their trainees. The initial consultation of up to approximately 2 hours is free of charge per project. For subsequent project work, the current cost of our services is CAN$100/hour. If you need data analysis support and do not have sufficient funds to cover costs, please contact the office of our Associate Dean of research to discuss alternative ways to gain access to our services.

Billing will be processed quarterly (June/Sept/Dec/March) through the Research Office. Full payment is required upon project completion.

Co-authorship for publications including manuscripts, conference proceedings, public presentations, is expected for significant contribution and based on the service and academic input provided. 
Members and researchers are encouraged to incorporate biostatistics and bioinformatics support costs into their grant applications as appropriate. In general, we recommend you approach us from early phase of the project, including study design planning.

Our mission is to provide support on bioinformatics and other computer-assisted tasks to the academic community at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, to the University of Calgary community in general and anybody else that may benefit from our services. 

Juan Jovel, PhD 
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 
1E08 CWPH Building, 3280 Hospital Drive NW 
Calgary, AB T2N 4Z6  
403 220 4008 

Biostatistics is a field of statistics that deals specifically with the application of statistical methods to the biological and health sciences. It plays a crucial role in the design, analysis, and interpretation of experiments and studies in medicine, biology, public health, and related disciplines, to ensure the statistical analyses are appropriate and the results are valid and meaningful.  

Dr. Grace PS Kwong, PhD, P.Stat.
Consultant Biostatistician/Data Scientist 
Office: CWPH 1E07 

More billing information for research projects:

For projects that are large and extend along considerably long periods of time, once a threshold of CAN$5,000 is reached in services, such a project automatically gets a discount equivalent to 10% (CAN$500).