Conducting Funded Research

Pre-Award – Research Applications

The UCVM Research Office has a standard 5 day internal deadline prior to agency deadlines for applications submissions. Please be aware that the closer you submit your application to the deadline, the less likely the Research Office is able to complete the signature process on your behalf.

When submitting research funding applications, please include a completed Research Funding Application Approvals form. The RFAA form is updated periodically, so we recommend downloading the newest version each time.

Research Funding Application Approvals Form

Post-Award - Project Set-up

Once a research grant has been awarded, or an industry contract has been signed, a Project Request Form will be required to create a new project.  Research accounting will process the PRF. Once it has been reviewed and approved, project holders will receive an email notification once the project set up is complete.

Project Request Form

Research Management System

The Research Management System (RMS) is a new platform that manages the pre-award, post-award, and publication phases of a research grant or contract.

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External Competitions

This calendar lists the most commonly held grants at the University of Calgary, and their associated deadlines. 

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Postdoctoral Funding

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