Small animal interactions

Small Animal Interactions

Small Animal Terminology

Small Animal Interactions

The term Small Animal in veterinary medicine refers to cats (Owakâgen) and dogs (Sûga)! Dogs are descended from the grey wolf and they are the oldest domesticated animal! They have been domesticated so long that we have a hard time pining down exactly when and how they were domesticated! Cats descended from the African Wildcat. It’s believed that cats became domesticated when ancient people began growing their own crops. The crops were a great new food source for local rodents and their populations grew! The cats followed the rodent population and began living close to humans which would eventually lead to their domestication!  

Small Animal Physical Exam

Physical exams are probably one of the most important skills in veterinary medicine. It is important to understand how to complete a physical exam on a small animal such as a dog or cat. Learn some of the critical skills needed to complete a physical exam on a small animal in the video below, and with practice maybe you can do a physical exam in under five minutes like our experienced vets!