Using a Stethoscope

Using a Stethoscope

Many of our videos teach you how to use a stethoscope and take a pulse on an animal. A really interesting way to learn is to actually do this on yourself, especially if you do not have a friendly pet at home! Learn how to use a stethoscope in the video below!

Using your stethoscope

Using your Stethoscope!

Place your stethoscope on your chest and listen to your heart beat. Count the number of times that your heart beats in 60 seconds, that is your heart rate. Try listening to your heart beat and feeling your pulse at the same time. Do they match? 

Now try running around or doing jumping jacks for a couple minutes. Now retake your heart rate. Did it change? 

Try lying down and listening to your heart rate, now keep listening while your stand up. Did you hear a difference?