Gowning and Gloving

Gowning, Gloving & Scrubbing

Gowning and Gloving

Aseptic technique, which is a technique to decrease the risk of infection, is actually a fairly new concept with it only becoming widespread in the mid 19th and early 20th century. Gowning and gloving is part of this technique, to help decrease the spread of pathogens. Gowns and gloves are put through an autoclave which sterilizes these objects with high temperatures and pressures. Learning how to properly gown and glove is important in all forms of medicine to decrease the rate of infection after surgeries. Learn how to properly gown and glove in the video below, so that you can be practice surgery ready!

Open Gloving

In some circumstances a full surgical suite may not be available, especially if you are a large animal veterinarian that performs many procedures on the farm. For circumstances like this open gloving is utilized. Even though you are not in a completely sterile environment, to decrease risk of infection you still want to be using sterile gloves. Learn how to correctly put on gloves without a gown in the video below!

Repackaging your Gloves

As a veterinary student, it is very important to practice all of your skills over and over again! Because of this, learning how to repackage your surgical gloves is crucial! Learn how to repackage your surgical gloves in the video below!


Did you know that the idea of surgical scrubbing is only around 150 years old? At one point in time the chances of infection and even death from a broken arm or a big wound were really high. Learn how to become surgery clean in the video below!