Alessandro Massolo

Adjunct Professor (Wildlife Health Ecology)

Associate Member

Wildlife Health & Ecology Research Group

Bachelor, Msc

11/1995, Animal Biology, Pisa University, Italy

Phd - Zoology

02/2000, Siena University, Italy

Post-Doc - Zoology

06/2005, Florence University, Italy

Contact information

Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Ecosystem Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Wildlife and Zoo Medicine

Research / Scholarly Activities

I have been teaching principles and Advanced Biostatistics in undergraduate and graduate programs since 1995, and General Biology and Ecological Statistics at undergraduate level. At UofC, I currently teach 3 graduate courses (Spatial analysis in Ecology and Epidemiology, Research Design, One-Health) and 1 undergraduate course (Ecosystem and Public Health). My laboratory welcomes undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world and hosts visiting scholars within international research collaborations.


I am a wildlife ecologist with expertise in ecology and behavioural ecology of medium-large vertebrates with a particular focus on terrestrial mammals. During my career I have also gained particular knowledge in biostatistics and ecological and mathematical modelling. My research spanned from Ecology and Behavioural ecology, to Physiology, applied Mathematics, Information Technologies, and allergology.

Since I joined the Department of Ecosystem and Public Health at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada), as Assistant Professor in Wildlife Health Ecology, I founded the Wildlife Ecology and Spatial Epidemiology Lab (WEASEL) with a wildlife biology wet lab, and a GIS lab. He also co-founded the interdisciplinary Wildlife Disease Ecology Group (iWEG) at the University of Calgary for the promotion of interdisciplinary research and teaching.