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Dr. Chalhoub's current research includes nephrology/urology and interventional medicine.


Serge Chalhoub graduated from Bishop’s with a BSc. (Honours) in Biology in 1999. He then enrolled in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program at the Faculté de médecine vétérinaire (FMV) of the Université de Montréal and completed the 5-year program in 2004. Serge followed this with a one-year rotating small animal clinical internship at the same institution. 

After working for two years as a general practitioner and emergency veterinarian in Montreal, Serge pursued a residency in small animal internal medicine at the Animal Medical Center (AMC) in New York City. Once his residency completed in 2009 he stayed on at the AMC as their first renal/hemodialysis fellow and then as a staff doctor. 

Dr. Chalhoub has been a faculty member at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UCVM) since 2012 and currently holds the rank of Associate Professor (Teaching). He was the recipient of the 2021 and 2013 Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s Teacher of the Year Award, the 2015 University of Calgary Team Teacher of the Year Award, and the 2017 Carl J. Norden Distinguished Teacher Award (considered the most prestigious teaching award for a veterinary faculty member in North America). Serge is the coordinator of a community outreach-service learning program (UCVM-CUPS Pet Health Clinic) for disadvantaged Calgarians. He has authored and co-authored numerous scientific articles and book chapters on veterinary point of care ultrasound, renal and urinary medicine, and lectures around the world on these topics. He is a member of the National Issues Committee (NIC) of the CVMA and a Council Member for the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association.



Boysen S, Gommeren K, Chalhoub S. The Essentials of Veterinary Point-of-Care Ultrasound: Pleural Space and Lung.  Zaragoza Spain; Groupo Asis Biomedia (2022).

Refereed Papers

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Submitted Abstracts

Rock M, Baker T, Chalhoub S, Van Patten K, Adams CL. 2022. Exploring moral distress amongst veterinarians who care for poor people and their pets in multi-species communities. Presented at “Constructing and Contesting Veterinary Expertise: Professionals, Publics, and Prospects,” an online conference convened at the University of Nottingham by P. Hobson-West, A. Anderson, and K. Millar, with sponsorship from the British Academy and the Wellcome Trust, 5-7 July 2022.

Patterson M, Boysen S, Whiteside D, Chalhoub S. Establishing veterinary point of care ultrasound protocols in a non-domestic small carnivore – The slender tailored meerkat. Abstract accepted as an oral presentation and poster to 19th annual EVECC Congress held in June 2020.

Darnis E, Merveille AC, Desquilbet L, Chalhoub S, Boysen S, Gommeren K. Establishment of the caudal vena cava reference values in healthy dogs through the hepatic, kidney, and diaphragmatic views by FAST-ultrasonography. Abstract presented and accepted at EVECC 2017.

Read E, Chalhoub S, Whiteside S, Vallevand A, Thundathil J. Steps for establishing a Minimum Performance Level (MPL) for computer-based Virtual Animal Patient assignments. Abstract accepted and presented at INVEST Conference 2014.

Published Contributions to a Collective Work and Book Chapters

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