Student Payment Form

All mandatory information is highlighted. Please ensure that all necessary information is filled in before submitting the form.

Information you will need before beginning to fill out the form:

  1. Student's name and UCID number
  2. The student's degree or position at the University (i.e, MSc student, PhD student, SURE summer student*)
  3. The beginning and end dates for the payment
  4. The account string for the payment
  5. The total amount that will be paid to the student

*Please note: Our office only handles payments for graduate students and summer students who are currently conducting research at the U of C (SURE students). For all other payments please contact Sarah Kempin ( for more details.

How to Choose the Right Account Code:

There are several different account codes which can be used to pay a student. You will need to know which degree the student is in, in order to choose correctly.

  • 63025 - Undergrad Scholarship (for paying summer students)
  • 63075 - Graduate Student (General)
  • 63015 - Fellowships, Scholarships, Doctoral (For paying a Student who already has a Master’s and is working on their PhD)
  • 63020 - Fellowship + Scholarship (For students who have completed a bachelor’s degree)
  • 63045 - Scholarships and Medals (PhD Students only)