Nov. 16, 2020

FIVM Series presents: How we know what isn’t so

Re-considering the integration of basic and clinical sciences
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FIVM Series

The integration of basic and clinical sciences is a challenge for educators across the health professions. As a construct, integration is most considered a matter of opinion, not science. "Curriculum integration" is a popular notion, but one that has multiple - and occasionally conflicting - meanings.

On Friday, November 20, Dr. Nicole Woods will host a noon-hour virtual discussion*, reviewing how both basic science teachers and clinical teachers misunderstand curriculum integration.  Dr. Woods will highlight different perspectives on the concept of curriculum integration at several levels of analysis and will reconcile these perspectives using education theory and robust evidence.

Dr. Nicole Woods

Dr. Nicole Woods

Along with developing an understanding of common perceptions regarding the value of basic science teaching, you can expect to become familiar with recent research on the role of basic science instruction in clinical reasoning. And Dr. Woods will discuss strategies for applying research findings to everyday teaching.

Dr. Nicole Woods, PhD, is Director of The Institute for Education Research (TIER) at University Health Network, as well as an Education Scientist and Associate Director of The Wilson Centre, University of Toronto.

Dr. Woods joined U of T in 2006 and leads a successful program of research in health professions education. Dr. Woods' laboratory-based research program uses methods and principles derived from cognitive psychology to advance theory and practice in health professions education. The goal of her work is to transform the training of health professionals by developing models of knowledge acquisition and expertise development and translating these models into tools and techniques for education. Her research has significant implications for education across the developmental continuum and for a variety of health disciplines. Dr. Woods is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine.


 *Please watch for an invitation to this seminar with a Zoom link.