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One Health at UCVM

What is One Health?

A transdisciplinary approach to address issues that emanate from the interaction of animals, humans, and their environment . The University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UCVM) believes strongly in the importance of teaching about One Health concepts in the veterinary curriculum and is also heavily involved in a variety of One Health Research topics. 

One Health News

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Veterinary Medicine prof receives $4.25M grant to develop tools to stop chronic wasting disease

Researchers and stakeholders partner with UCalgary to study deadly diseases affecting deer and elk

One Health in the Veterinary Curriculum

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During their four years at UCVM, veterinary students learn about many areas of animal health. They also learn about veterinary public health and infectious and non-infectious diseases that affect both animals and people. Later in the program, they have the opportunity to be involved in service-learning opportunities with local not-for-profit organizations and northern Indigenous communities. These experiences solidify a One Health mindset in our veterinary graduates, who then take this way of thinking into the workplace.


Here is a link to an article about one of these experiences. It was written in 2017 by 4 final year veterinary students and one veterinarian about their experience providing veterinary services in remote Indigenous communities in the Northwest Territories of Canada. 

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One Health in our community

Another important part of One Health at UCVM is spreading the word far and wide. We are creating a series of One Health videos and handouts about common topics that are interesting and relevant to the broader Calgary and Canadian community. We hope that these are a way that the public can become involved in the One Health discussion. These videos are being made by faculty, staff and students at UCVM.