Clinical Teaching Programs

The clinical teaching programs at UCVM include resources for final year DVM students who are practicing in the Distributed Veterinary Teaching Hospital and for interns, residents and clinical fellows who are engaged within some of our partner practices.

The DVTH is comprised of 33 partner veterinary practices across the province of Alberta who participate in hosting our students for mandatory core species clinical rotations. An additional 18 practices offer elective experiences in a wide variety of practice areas and 8 practices offer exclusively rural community practice rotations. The remaining 40% of our final year rotations are offered at the Clinical Skills Building in Calgary and are taught by our on-campus clinical faculty members. 

While some rotations are mandatory, students are offered the ability to tailor their own final year program to suit their desired career path in veterinary medicine. The final year DVM program includes 16 weeks of mandatory core species rotations in the DVTH, 10 weeks of training in one of UCVM’s areas of emphasis, 4 weeks of pathology and advanced diagnostic techniques, and 10 weeks of elective rotations.

  1. The Associate Dean, Academic has oversight of the DVTH and the DVM program.

    DVM Program Office
    Robert McCorkell, 
    Associate Dean, Academic
    (403) 210-7654
    TRW 2E10

Advanced UCVM Clinical training programs are supported through practice partnerships within the UCVM Distributed Veterinary Teaching Hospital (DVTH).  Together with hosting practice veterinarians they support the clinical learning and academic educational content of internship, residency and clinical fellowship positions in the areas of small animal, equine and production animal practice.

Interns come from a number of places that have included the US, Chili, Germany and Canada. They have all participated in Wet Labs at the CSB as part of their training. All of the interns will present several short rounds seminars and one grand rounds seminar.

One year Small Animal Rotating Internships are offered annually through the VCA C.A.R.E. Centre and VCA Western Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Centre.  Internship positions are offered by each practice through the AAVC’s Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching

One year Equine internships are offered through Moore Equine and TD Equine.  Interested applicants should contact these practices directly for availability of program and the application process.

For further information or inquiries on Equine or Small Animal Practice internships please contact those listed below.

  1. Equine Internship

    Dr. Jenn Fowlie
    Moore Equine Veterinary Centre

    Dr. Candice Crosby
    TD Equine Veterinary Group

  2. Small Animal Internship

    Dr. Dave Eisenbart
    C.A.R.E. Centre Animal Hospital

    Dr. Valerie Madden
    Western Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Centre

  3. Internship Committee Co-chairs

    Dr. Serge Chalhoub
    Senior Instructor, VCDS

    Dr. Ashley Whitehead
    Associate Dean, Clinical Programs

  4. UCVM Clinical Programs Office